“Father of Lights”, Camera, ACTION!

What is “Father of Lights”?

"Father of Lights" Director, Darren Wilson

“Father of Lights” Director, Darren Wilson

“We’re attempting to re-brand the Father,” commented filmmaker Darren Wilson of Wanderlust Productions on his most recently released film, “Father of Lights”

This film is an adventure. Rather, it is the conclusion of an adventure. Wilson’s trilogy, comprised of “Finger of God”, “Furious Love”, and “Father of Lights”, is one massive story of his journey of knowing God on a personal level. 

In “Father of Lights”, Darren said that he wanted to explore God’s heart, discovering who He is and who He isn’t. Hence, the goal of rebranding the Father, or maybe a better way of putting it is, letting the Father rebrand Himself!

Movie Content

So, what exactly is “Father of Lights” even about? What all could this film about God possibly contain?

Well, how about THE IMPOSSIBLE for starters! Yes, Darren Wilson and his team filmed God doing the impossible. Indian MaharishiFather of Lights Israel Filming

  • People get physically healed
  • Gang leaders get saved
  • an Indian Maharishi encounters Jesus in a dream Loaves and Fishes, China
  • a Witchdoctor is overcome by the power and love of the Father
  • Muslim people experience the tangible love of Jesus
  • and much much more!

Wilson also interviews and features in the film well known people in the Christian community who share their insight, experiences and adventures with the Father as well. Among these are: Father of Lights Cast Lineup

For a more thorough review about the content of “Father of Lights” check out Christian Cinema’s review of the film.

“Father of Lights” is unlike any other Christian film, or any other film, period, you may have ever seen before. In fact, I’m not sure if I could even classify it as being in the same category or genre as any other Christian film. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The best genre description for “Father of Lights” would be that it is a documentary… Kind of. It will be completely different from any other documentary you will have ever seen before. You will go across the country, across the world, into places of darkness, into places of light. 

You will experience and witness God doing the impossible. 

You will see the heart of the Father in action.

Cinematography & Production Quality

Indian Rock QuarryYou will also see an aesthetic masterpiece and an overall well-made film. 

Wilson and his team have not just used their cameras to capture God’s powerful and miraculous love. They have created art via cameras and lenses; art depicting God’s majestic beauty, colorful creation, and essence of His creative being.  

As an aspiring filmmaker, I am awestruck by the beauty of this film each time I watch it. 

The funny thing is that Wilson never even had plans to make movies, much less documentaries! He originally had planned on being a screen writer. It wasn’t until after a season of writer’s block that God revealed to Darren that He wanted him to make movies. Not just any movies though… Movies about Him! Watch Darren’s full story of how Wanderlust Productions all got started.

bokeh, father of lights

And He, God Himself, is exactly what and Who you will see when you watch Father of Lights.
You see His love and beauty in every aspect of the production, especially in the l
ighting. The title of the film is “Father of LIGHTS. So, there’s lots of lights, light rays, bokeh, lens flares, etc. All of which are personal favorites and hold a dear spot in my creative heart as well!

The third installment of Wilson’s trilogy reveals the heart of God aesthetically just as much as it does through the film’s actual content.

As the film progresses, it’s amazing to see how Darren’s journey unfolds. 

Darren narrates all of his films. He definitely has a gift for telling stories and captivating the audience. However, it is very evident through the story that begins to take shape throughout the film that the entire production process is all a working of the Father Himself.

As Darren travels around the world filming God doing these amazing things with amazing people, you begin to experience a more personal story that God is telling to you as the viewer. 

The story is beautifully intricate yet incredibly simple: He loves you.

My Take on “Father of Lights”

“Father of Lights” radically changed my personal perspectives on a variety of things. 

Father of Lights movie posterI’ve always appreciated film and video. I’ve always admired well-made movies and have always dreamed of creating my own one day. “Father of Lights” opened my eyes and my heart to a brand new method of creating film and video: creating, filming, and adventuring, with Father God.

“Father of Lights” isn’t a Sunday sermon, or a devotional study, or any other kind of Christian material you may have seen, read, or heard of before. 

It is an adventure, and a personal one at that. The same journey that God took Darren Wilson on is the same one you get to experience for yourself through this movie. 

When watching the film, you get to step into Darren’s shoes. And when you finally get your heels in all the way be prepared… Because your Father in Heaven is about to take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

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“Father of Lights” Movie Review Proposal

Father of Lights Banner

I plan to write a movie review on the film from Wanderlust Productions, “Father of Lights”I will mainly be focusing on the content of the film as well as some of the filmmaking aspects that went into it.

The film is appropriate and intended for all people of all ages and interests. However, this movie review will more specifically be targeting people who love, enjoy, and appreciate movies and filmmaking.

I will be referring to the previously published reviews of the film from both Christian Cinema and Charisma News. I will also make references to Wanderlust Productions’ first two films in the trilogy: Finger of God and Furious Love.

Bethel.TV Privacy Policy Review

On Earth as it is in Heaven, Bethel Church Redding, California

Bethel Church in Redding, California offers a wide variety of media content via Bethel.TV. Within their Privacy Policy, they explain in great detail how they use the information collected from viewers of the site.

Bethel.TV provides many free resources to the public that do not require any entry of personal information. However, in order to view the majority of the content, as well as to make purchases, one must register as a user. Therefore, not all content is available to those who have not registered as users. When registering for a user account, personal information must be entered. 

The registered users on Bethel.TV have full access to their information at all times. They also possess the right to change their personal information on the site at any time. The personal information entered into the system by users is stored securely on Bethel’s server and is not shared with untrusted third parties. 

Personal information can be transferred and shared within the Bethel ministry network across the country. The Policy addresses the fact that Bethel Church has offices around the world and personal user information is shared among these Bethel locations. Bethel Church also has several trusted third parties which are simply other ministries associated with Bethel. Personal information can be shared with these trusted third parties. However, these trusted third parties are bound by contract not to use this personal information for their own purposes or to give it to other third parties.

Bethel will sometimes use third-party sources such as the U.S. Postal Service as well as demographics stored in other third-party sources in order to authenticate user accounts and direct marketing communications more personalized for the user.

The information provided by registered users on Bethel.TV is used by Bethel Church to monitor site activity and as well as purchase activity. They mention several times throughout the Privacy Policy that they will not pair up a user’s site activity, computer information, etc. with their personal identification information.

Most of the information that Bethel is collecting is used for their own use to better their site and make it more user friendly. However, if there are pressing legal or national security risks, Bethel Church can obviously divulge a user’s information in such cases. They also mention that they will use this information for statistical reasons within their media department.

Bethel Church makes it very clear in their Privacy Policy that the users are the ones in control of their information and who is able to see it. Bethel also mentions the user’s ability to opt out from receiving product updates, newsletters, and other Bethel-to-user communications. 

As far as the protection of users’ personal information goes, Bethel Church has a series of security measures that they undergo in order to uphold their value of customer information protection. These include: 

  • password protected accounts
  • encryption of personal information
  • secure and password protected servers
  • limited access to these servers among Bethel staff and contractors.

Within Bethel.TV there are user-to-user forums. The divulgence of information on these forums is solely at the discretion of the user. If accessed, the forums may display a user’s email address as a means of identifying them in user-to-user communication. Any other divulgence of information would only come from a user posting their own information.

Cookies are used by Bethel.TV to record a user’s password, purchase, and preference information. This information is not generally used identify a user personally. Bethel.TV also uses web beacons, or small gif images embedded into an HTML, to track when their pages and emails are viewed. 

The Privacy Policy addresses the aspect of tracking through cookies and web beacons. If a user provides consent on Bethel.TV or on one of their products to remember their identification, then a cookie will be stored on the user’s computer to be linked to their registration information.

Bethel.TV’s privacy policy provides a clear description of all possible concerns that a user or a site visitor may have about their personal privacy. Bethel takes extra steps and precautions to insure the protection of sensitive information and personal identification. They have also posted multiple ways for someone who has a complaint or additional concern about the privacy policy to be able to contact Bethel and voice their concern.