Back Pain: Gone In 60 Seconds

Way of Hope

The Way of Hope is an organization that provides food and shelter for homeless women and children in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Every day, local ministries and churches take turns letting the Way of Hope use their facilities overnight to provide the women and their kids a safe place to sleep.

Last August, I decided to volunteer at the Way of Hope for the first time and help as the “security team” with two of my friends one night. This particular story, however, begins that next morning whenever we woke up.

In the Morning

That entire morning, I just felt out of it. I felt like I was not really in control of anything I was doing. Almost as if I was simply going through a daily routine, or something of that nature, but this was definitely not my daily routine. I mean, I woke up at a homeless shelter and was about to eat breakfast with these women and children who I had never met before. Well, I fixed my breakfast, then I noticed Tarah. Tarah was one of the ladies who had stayed there that night, and she was sitting at a table by herself. Being in the unusual mindset I was in that morning, I just automatically walked over to her, without putting any thought into it, and asked to sit with her.

Love In Action

As I began to eat, we started chatting. She told me about how she had constant back pain and has had six surgeries due to some deteriorating discs in her back. My response was slightly off from what I would have normally expected from myself:

“Hey, can I pray for your back?”

She said that anything would help, so I put my hand on her back and started to pray. I thanked God for how much He loves Tarah and asked Him, in Jesus name, to just glorify Himself and demonstrate His love and power by creating new discs in her back and taking away all of her pain. When I finished praying over her, I looked up and, at first, saw tears in her eyes, then saw her open them up real wide.

Hope & Healing

“Your hand was on fire when you were praying…” she almost whispered, as she reached out to feel my hand which was back to normal temperature.

I knew immediately that God had just done something, and she confirmed it by telling me that there was no more pain in her back. She absolutely lost it at this point and was just crying. I lost it too, but I going crazy with joy! God had literally just healed this lady right before my eyes. I looked over at my friend Austin, both of us with gaping smiles on our faces, and I started running around praising Jesus for what He had just done. Tarah, full of tears and all kinds of emotions, said she needed a cigarette, so she walked towards the door and told everyone she walked past what had just happened to her.

Ever since that day, I have continued to help at the Way of Hope as much as I can and have seen God move in creative, new ways in many more people’s lives.