Bethel.TV Privacy Policy Review

On Earth as it is in Heaven, Bethel Church Redding, California

Bethel Church in Redding, California offers a wide variety of media content via Bethel.TV. Within their Privacy Policy, they explain in great detail how they use the information collected from viewers of the site.

Bethel.TV provides many free resources to the public that do not require any entry of personal information. However, in order to view the majority of the content, as well as to make purchases, one must register as a user. Therefore, not all content is available to those who have not registered as users. When registering for a user account, personal information must be entered. 

The registered users on Bethel.TV have full access to their information at all times. They also possess the right to change their personal information on the site at any time. The personal information entered into the system by users is stored securely on Bethel’s server and is not shared with untrusted third parties. 

Personal information can be transferred and shared within the Bethel ministry network across the country. The Policy addresses the fact that Bethel Church has offices around the world and personal user information is shared among these Bethel locations. Bethel Church also has several trusted third parties which are simply other ministries associated with Bethel. Personal information can be shared with these trusted third parties. However, these trusted third parties are bound by contract not to use this personal information for their own purposes or to give it to other third parties.

Bethel will sometimes use third-party sources such as the U.S. Postal Service as well as demographics stored in other third-party sources in order to authenticate user accounts and direct marketing communications more personalized for the user.

The information provided by registered users on Bethel.TV is used by Bethel Church to monitor site activity and as well as purchase activity. They mention several times throughout the Privacy Policy that they will not pair up a user’s site activity, computer information, etc. with their personal identification information.

Most of the information that Bethel is collecting is used for their own use to better their site and make it more user friendly. However, if there are pressing legal or national security risks, Bethel Church can obviously divulge a user’s information in such cases. They also mention that they will use this information for statistical reasons within their media department.

Bethel Church makes it very clear in their Privacy Policy that the users are the ones in control of their information and who is able to see it. Bethel also mentions the user’s ability to opt out from receiving product updates, newsletters, and other Bethel-to-user communications. 

As far as the protection of users’ personal information goes, Bethel Church has a series of security measures that they undergo in order to uphold their value of customer information protection. These include: 

  • password protected accounts
  • encryption of personal information
  • secure and password protected servers
  • limited access to these servers among Bethel staff and contractors.

Within Bethel.TV there are user-to-user forums. The divulgence of information on these forums is solely at the discretion of the user. If accessed, the forums may display a user’s email address as a means of identifying them in user-to-user communication. Any other divulgence of information would only come from a user posting their own information.

Cookies are used by Bethel.TV to record a user’s password, purchase, and preference information. This information is not generally used identify a user personally. Bethel.TV also uses web beacons, or small gif images embedded into an HTML, to track when their pages and emails are viewed. 

The Privacy Policy addresses the aspect of tracking through cookies and web beacons. If a user provides consent on Bethel.TV or on one of their products to remember their identification, then a cookie will be stored on the user’s computer to be linked to their registration information.

Bethel.TV’s privacy policy provides a clear description of all possible concerns that a user or a site visitor may have about their personal privacy. Bethel takes extra steps and precautions to insure the protection of sensitive information and personal identification. They have also posted multiple ways for someone who has a complaint or additional concern about the privacy policy to be able to contact Bethel and voice their concern.


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