Month: March 2014

Identity (Article Outline)


Identity in Christ & the Elements of that Identity

I. Knowing that I am loved

  • Can’t love others if I don’t first know that I am loved
  • Understanding the Love of the Father
  • Receiving God’s Love

II. Knowing that I am His son

  • Family of God
  • Walking in sonship
  • Jesus: the perfect model of Christianity

III. Right Relationship With God

  • Desire of God’s heart for all people
  • Being made righteous by Jesus
  • Walking in the fullness of the “new self” identity

Site Audience & Purpose

Awakening is a Nashville based “worship movement awakening a generation to encounter the living God. Changing us to change our world” ( Their website,, is an encouraging blog site intended to encourage those who attend Awakening events as well as those who may be interested in the movement.

The majority of the people who attend Awakening or are a part of Awakening team are young adults ages 16 through 35. The content on the website will be read by young adult Christians in the same age range or even people who aren’t Christians but may be looking for truth. 

The main purpose of Awakening’s website is to encourage people through blog posts written by members of the Awakening team. The site also serves to inform people about what Awakening is and how it all got started. There is also an option to donate to Awakening on the website, so that is another purpose the site serves. The written posts, however, are the main purpose of the site: to build people up and encourage them in love.

Blog Posting

Over the past three years, the posting on the site has been very irregular and has consisted of the following:

  • a few encouraging posts
  • information about supporting the team’s trip to England
  • a live video recording of part of one of the worship nights.

This year they have started posting more frequently with three posts in January and a post in February. Awakening definitely does not have a quota of posts to fulfill every year or every month. Instead the team simply posts whenever God lays something on their heart to share. 

Not a Competition

If it’s not obvious from the irregularity of the posting, Awakening is not trying to compete with any other ministry site or worship movement. In fact, they actually support and encourage other local ministries in the Nashville and Murfreesboro areas as well as all over the nation and world. Some of these include: 

  • Iris Nashville 
  • Emanate at Grace Center
  • Slow Burn Church
  • Grace Church
  • The Experience Community Church
  • and many others.

Iris Nashville actually meets the day after the Awakening worship events in the exact same location at Christ Church on Old Hickory Boulevard.

The websites of these other ministries are set up differently from Awakening making a unique site. They can build up, encourage, and love on people from all ministries and backgrounds and not deter or pull people away from where they may be plugged in at. 

Awakening Readers

The writing tone that the Awakening team uses is an informal and friendly one. The style of each post is usually in the organization of:

  • a short introduction to the topic of the post 
  • something God has been revealing to the author 
  • an encouragement for the reader to live out the truths being shared in the post.

The style is appropriate for the purpose of the site. I plan on maintaining the same style and organization that the Awakening team already uses.

The readers of Awakening’s website need to know what Awakening is and how God is moving and working in the lives of the team. The site also needs to continue providing spiritual encouragement and insight for the readers and audience of the site. There doesn’t seem to be any specific obstacles standing in the way of getting this information across to the readers of the site.

When I write my article, I plan on writing in the same fashion as the team has written the rest of their posts. The ultimate goals of the site’s content is to encourage and love on people and to glorify God in the writing. This is what I plan to do as well.